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Rakuten TV.

When your clients buy a qualifying Vitality insurance plan, they can earn weekly movies by getting active.

Your clients can enjoy a weekly movie with Rakuten TV.

Rakuten TV is the cinema at home experience for your clients. They can choose from a wide selection of movies, all from the comfort of their sofas.

All movies, apart from selected Early Home Release movies, are included with this Active Reward.

If your clients buy a qualifying plan, get active and track their activity, they could earn a weekly movie.

 Rakuten TV

How does it work?

1. Your clients buy a qualifying health insurance or life insurance plan.

2. They sign up to Rakuten TV via Member Zone.

3. Clients can then earn the required 12 Vitality points for getting active. If clients have one qualifying plan, they can earn one movie voucher per week. We’ll send them their movie voucher via the Vitality Member app to enjoy every week.

About Rakuten TV.

Rakuten TV is available on all connected devices, giving your clients the option to enjoy their movie of choice, on the screen they want:

• Smart TVs, including Hisense, LG, Panasonic, Philips, Samsung, Sony
• Freesat
• Xbox One
• iOS and Android on smartphones and tablets
• PC and Mac

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

What is a qualifying plan for the Rakuten TV Active Reward?

Your client will qualify for a Rakuten TV Active Reward if they are an adult member and have one of the following Vitality plans:

Health insurance
Any private health insurance plan.

Business health insurance
Any small business health insurance plan.
Any corporate health insurance plan or trust scheme administered by Vitality, with Vitality Plus benefits.

Workplace wellbeing
Any Vitality at Work Enterprise plan.

Life insurance
Any life insurance plan with Vitality Plus benefits. To get Vitality Plus, your clients need to:
• Pay at least £45 a month for an individual plan or £60 a month for a joint plan, and
• Add Optimiser to their life insurance plan for an extra £4.75 a month.

Are there terms and conditions for the Rakuten TV reward?

Yes, you can find the terms and conditions here.

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