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Advanced Cancer Cover

Offering your clients end-to-end treatment and support every step of the way.

Advanced Cancer Cover

Advanced Cancer Cover not only provides full cover for the latest treatments and technologies to treat cancer, once diagnosed, but includes access to screenings and preventative treatment, and personalised support and guidance from our specialist team at every stage of a member’s treatment journey.

  • Diagnosis*
  • Treatment
  • Claim management support & recovery
  • Prevention

* Subject to Out-patient Cover being selected

    With you every step of the way

    At Vitality, we give your clients the tools and incentives they need to improve their overall wellbeing and in turn, potentially reduce their risk of developing some cancers.

    With our wide range of health and wellness partners, we make it easier and cheaper for your clients to do activities such as going to our partner gyms, increase their daily activity with discounted activity trackers and help to stop smoking.

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    We understand that a fast diagnosis can be lifesaving and give your clients access to various discounts and screenings.

    Discounts and screenings may include:

    • One Vitality Healthcheck at no extra cost*
    • 50% or 100% off a Bluecrest screening**
    • Access to Vitality GP
    Out-patient diagnostics
    Your clients can upgrade their Out-patient Cover so that out-patient diagnostic tests are covered in full. Only consultant appointments and out-of-network physiotherapy would be deducted from their chosen Out-patient Cover limit.

    Out-patient diagnostics include MRI, CT & PET scans, blood tests, x-rays, radiology and pathology when referred by a consultant. The costs we cover will depend on what Out-Patient Cover limit your client chooses to add to their plan.

    Risk assessments
    As part of their plan, your clients will be able to complete an online questionnaire to determine their risk levels for five of the most common cancers, including; Breast, Bowel, Cervical, Prostate and Skin cancer.

    If your client is found to be high risk, they'll be offered a discounted screening with Check4Cancer.

    Discounted Screenings
    We’ve partnered with Check4Cancer, a trusted provider of early cancer detection and genetic services, to offer qualifying members discounted cancer checks and tests. This service is for anyone who wants to understand their own personal risk of developing cancer in the future, and for checking of more immediate risk indicators.

    The discounted checks cover:

    • Breast cancer

    • Bowel cancer

    • Cervical cancer

    • Prostate cancer

    • Skin cancer

    Check4Cancer’s team of specialists has extensive clinical expertise and evidence-based services that are supported by audit data.

    Learn more about Check4Cancer

    * One adult on a Personal Healthcare plan can have a Vitality Healthcheck at no additional cost each plan year. The principal member on Business Healthcare and Corporate Healthcare plans can have a Vitality Healthcheck at no additional cost each plan year. All other adults on a plan are able to have a Vitality Healthcheck, which are available for £15 each.
    ** Members aged 40 or over, with a Vitality Age Gap of five or more years are eligible for an Advanced health screening at no cost to them. All other adult members on a plan can choose any of three Bluecrest health screenings at a discount of 50%.

    Advanced Cancer Cover is included as part of Core Cover on all Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plans, which promises to pay all eligible costs associated with the condition once diagnosed. This includes giving members full cover for:
    • Chemotherapy and radiotherapy
    • Biological therapy, targeted therapy, immunotherapy
    • Hormone therapy and bisphosphonate therapy
    • Surgery - including preventative and reconstructive surgery
    • Follow-up consultations
    Further scans as part of treatment will be covered by Advanced Cancer Cover.

    Your clients can also select Out-patient Cover to ensure investigations, tests and consultations leading to their diagnosis are covered.
     Advanced Cancer Cover  Cover Amount
     Biological therapy, targeted therapy and immunotherapy Full Cover 
     Chemotherapy and radiotherapy Full Cover
     Hormone therapies and bisphosphonate therapy Full Cover
     Cancer surgery and reconstructive surgery Full Cover
     Scalp cooling Full Cover
     Follow-up consultations Full Cover
     Wigs & restyling Up to £300 per condition
     Mastectomy bras and external prostheses Up to £200 per condition for mastectomy bras and up to £5,000 per
    condition for external prostheses
     Targeted Cancer Screening 50% discount on screens and risk assessments for bowel and cervical cancer
     Cancer Treatment Support Programme Personalised health and wellbeing support before, during and after treatment
     End of life care Pain relief plus the services of a qualified nurse at home for up to 14 days (max
    £1,000 per day), specialist pathway for members with non-curative diagnosis

    Our Full Cover Promise means your clients are covered for all in-patient and day-patient consultant and anaesthetists fees eligible on their Personal Healthcare and Business Healthcare plan.

    Also, our specialist team of clinically-trained, patient-centred professionals and Care Consultants are here to make the treatment process as straightforward as possible, helping your client and their family understand clearly how the benefits on their plan apply to each situation. 

    Frequently asked questions

    Here are a few questions we've answered for your clients.

    Can your clients receive cancer treatment at home?

    We cover the use of eligible home chemotherapy, such as tablets, injections and infusions, as well as biological and bisphosphonate therapies. To give your clients more choice they can also be treated at home at any point during their care as long as their consultant agrees – for example, they can start treatment in hospital and decide to go home, or vice versa.

    Do you provide cover for all types of cancer?

    Yes. We also provide cover for primary and any secondary cancers, if the cancer spreads during treatment.

    Does Vitality cover cancer drugs that haven't yet been approved by NICE?

    If there’s enough evidence of their effectiveness, we cover the use of new drugs or other treatments, even if they’ve not yet been reviewed or recommended by NICE (The National Institute for Health and Care Excellence). However, we don't cover the use of drugs outside the terms of their licence in the UK; or experimental drugs with no evidence of effectiveness; or any treatment not considered clinically appropriate in the UK.

    What if the client's cancer can't be treated?

    If your client has Advanced Cancer Cover and the cancer is no longer treatable, we pay for palliative care in hospital as well as nursing care to relieve their symptoms, including pain relief at the end stage, up to a maximum of £1,000 a day for 14 days.

    Cancer Benefit Booster

    Up to £1,500 extra support a month for six months, when your clients need it most

    The Cancer Benefit Booster is a unique insurance benefit, at no extra cost, when your clients have an eligible health insurance plan, as well as an eligible life insurance plan.
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    • Full Cover Promise

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