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Clinically Speaking

Clinically Speaking.

Specifically for our advisers, these short expert videos discuss a topical clinical subject whilst looking at healthcare trends, data insights, and clinical research.

Welcome to our medical expert-based adviser series.

Clinically Speaking is a monthly adviser series where we bring you videos of our Vitality clinicians providing medical news, information and insight on related topics around health to help you better advise your clients.

Specifically for our advisers, these short expert videos discuss a topical clinical subject and look at healthcare trends, data insights, and clinical research.
Each month, episodes will cover exploring prevention, treatment for conditions, comprehensive care when people may need it most, and the role of insurance within healthcare.

Discover how Vitality’s products are evolving to suit the clinical trends, and how we are responding and innovating on the back of them.

COVID-19 restrictions. Why have they been lifted?

The government recently announced the lifting of Plan B restrictions in England, meaning face coverings, COVID passes, and working-from-home guidance are no longer mandatory.

In this episode of Clinically Speaking, we caught up with Dr Anushka Patchava, Deputy Chief Medical Officer and Dr Harpreet Sarna, Medical Director at Vitality to hear their thoughts on what lifted restrictions could mean for us.

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Clinically Speaking - Ep. 24: Giving up smoking. What happens when you quit? - 10/02/2022
Clinically Speaking - Ep. 23: The current state of cancer services and screening opportunities - 18/01/2022
Clinically Speaking - Ep. 22: The importance of preventative dentistry - 08/11/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep. 21: The importance of data in driving digital engagement and outcomes in healthcare - 13/10/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep. 20: The impact COVID-19 has had on both cancer care and mental health services - 27/07/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep. 19: Long COVID. How we're supporting your clients - 16/07/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep.18 Pt.2: Mental health and the Return to Work Pt.2 - 11/06/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep.18 Pt.1: Mental Health and the Return to Work Pt.1 - 07/05/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep 17: Menopause and its effects on mental health - 08/03/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep 16: COVID-19 vaccines - a deeper look - 01/03/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep 15: Why we can be positive about 2021 - 14/01/2021
Clinically Speaking - Ep 14: The rise of Digital Physiotherapy -23/11/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 13: Why mental health is now more important than ever before - 14/10/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 12: Cancer screenings and the importance of getting back on track - 25/09/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 11: How Vitality supported cancer care during Covid-19 - 27/08/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 10: How we make sure clients see the right medical expert - 20/08/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 9: Obesity: The power of incentives to motivate and reward positive choices - 13/08/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 8: Helping members as elective treatment resumes - 06/08/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 7: COVID-19 testing - How can Vitality help - 29/07/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 6: Lockdown: The impact on mental health - 23/07/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 5: How we support clients waiting for COVID-delayed hospital treatment - 16/07/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 4: Achieving a better post-COVID recovery - 09/07/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 3: Post Intensive Care Syndrome: What is it and how's it treated? - 02/07/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 2: How has COVID-19 accelerated digital healthcare - 24/06/2020
Clinically Speaking - Ep 1: Why a healthy lifestyle is even more important in the age of COVID-19 - 17/06/2020

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The big squeeze: The cost of living with Peter Komolafe.

Inflation, gas bills and food prices… the only certainty is that they are going up. Market volatility is nothing new to financial advisers, but what feels unique about the current economic climate is how much less clients will have to invest, save and spend on protection. Join former wealth manager, financial influencer and podcast host Peter Komolafe as we explore the fall-out of increasing cost of living and why value for money is the order of the day.
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