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What are Premier Consultants?

To help your clients choose the most appropriate consultant, we’ve created a panel of high performing consultants who have shown, on average, to deliver superior performance outcomes including lower lengths of stay and reduced re-admission rates.

We’ve assessed consultants based on 400 data points across treatment outcomes, clinical practice measures, and treatment efficiency. The highest performing consultants were invited to become Vitality Premier Consultants. 

The benefits to your clients

Less time in hospital

Patients treated by Premier Consultants are shown, on average, to spend less time in hospital.

Fewer complications

Patients treated by Premier Consultants, on average, suffer fewer complications that require them to be re-admitted to hospital.

Care Hub

When your client searches for a consultant in Care Hub, those who are Premier Consultants will be clearly flagged on the list of available consultants.


When members that have the Countrywide or London Care option on their plan choose a Premier Consultant for their care, we can share the value generated with them. We'll give them a cashback of between £20 and £50 per condition, depending on their Vitality status.


Who can use Premier Consultants?

All VitalityHealth clients with Core Cover on their plan can access the Premier Consultant panel unless they're on the Vitality Essentials, Vitality at Work Business or Vitality at Work Enterprise plan.

Premier Consultant Cashback is available to your clients on the Countrywide and London Care hospital lists. For clients on Consultant Select, the enhanced value is reflected in the lower price of the option.

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