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Core Cover

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Our Core Cover offers completely joined-up private healthcare.

Our comprehensive Core Cover gives your clients the peace of mind that comes with knowing they can get fast access to the highest-quality private healthcare, whenever they need it. It’s also a great way for them to stay well, because we reward your clients for getting active, too.

Our Core Cover includes:

  • Integrated Primary Care
  • Out-patient surgical procedures
  • Mental Health support
  • In-patient and day-patient treatment
  • Advanced Cancer Cover
  • Additional benefits

To make sure you get exactly the plan you want, we give you the option to tailor your client’s cover to suit their needs with our Cover Options - allowing them to add any of these options to their Core Cover.


In-patient and day-patient treatment

Full Cover for eligible hospital fees, consultant fees and diagnostic tests as well as out-patient surgical procedures.

Advanced Cancer Cover

If your client is diagnosed with cancer, we’ll be there to support them and make sure they’re getting the best care they need every step of the way – from quick diagnosis to covering the cost of eligible treatment, and support on the road to recovery.
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Vitality GP

Video consultations within 48 hours (subject to opening times), a 24/7 private medical helpline, direct referrals to a consultant if needed, written private prescriptions and more.
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Consultant Select 

Consultant Select gives your clients complete peace of mind care, by putting their treatment path in the hands of consultants – so we let medical experts decide who should treat them instead of an insurer.
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Mental Health Support

Vitality’s holistic approach to mental health seeks to provide support for all our members, regardless of their state of health.

Featured mental health components included in Core Cover include:

  • Vitality Healthy Mind
  • Togetherall
  • 8 sessions of Talking Therapies
  • The Vitality Programme
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Full Cover Promise

We promise to pay all in-patient and day-patient consultant and anaesthetist fees, as long as the treatment is eligible on the plan and the consultant is recognised by us. 
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Vitality Care

Our team of medical professionals and trained case managers are there to offer help and advice whenever your clients need them.
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Vitality Menopause Support, in partnership with Peppy

Vitality Menopause Support is a service that includes a range of dedicated menopause and perimenopause support services: 
  1. Online information hub accessed through the Member Zone, with resources on symptoms, treatment and where to go for further help
  2. Access to leading digital health platform Peppy, to give your eligible clients personalised, practitioner-led menopause support.
  3. Onward referral for treatment covered by the plan
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Five reasons to recommend Vitality

We take a unique approach to healthcare – responding to the full spectrum of our members’ healthcare needs.

  • Full Cover Promise

    We pay for recognised consultants’ and anaesthetists’ fees in full for in-patient and day-patient treatment, so your clients will never be faced with a shortfall, provided their treatment is eligible.

  • Digital Care Access

    When your clients are seeking care, we empower them to access the support and treatment they need through a range of primary and digital care services.

  • Advanced Cancer Cover and Screenings

    We provide comprehensive cover for the treatment of the cancer, including full cover for biological and targeted therapies, as well as discounts on targeted cancer screenings and risk assessments for breast, bowel and cervical cancer.

  • Mental Health Support

    We offer a comprehensive end-to-end approach to mental health – from prevention and maintenance to early intervention, and comprehensive treatment for more severe conditions.

Vitality Programme

Your clients get access to the Vitality Programme, giving them the tools to help understand their health risks and engage in healthy behaviours, as well as the incentive to do so through compelling discounts and rewards.
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Athos' Story: "I looked at myself as bulletproof". 

Athos Rushovich, Vitality Sales Director, is a keen runner. In fact, he’s run 12 ultramarathons. Not to mention countless standard marathons. So when he was diagnosed with a heart condition, things changed for him instantly.

Watch how Athos got his life back on track after receiving fast access to treatment and a Serious Illness Cover claim.
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Fair and transparent renewal pricing 

Our renewal prices are based on our ABC pricing model which is fair, intuitive and transparent. We use your clients Age, Base rate increase, Claims history and engagement with the Vitality Programme to calculate their renewal premium. As well as providing lower increases for claimers than the market, your clients can also reduce any increase by engaging with the Vitality Programme.
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Award-winning cover

Our Core Cover has been five-star Defaqto-rated for 10 years running, and VitalityHealth has won Best Private Medical Insurance Provider at the Moneyfacts Awards from 2015 – 2020.  So your clients can be sure of getting some of the highest standards of cover, treatment and care around.
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Where to next?

  • Cover Options

    Your clients can tailor their plans by adding additional Cover Options, such as Out-patient Cover, Therapies Cover and more.

  • ABC Pricing

    Learn about our unique approach to calculating your clients' premiums.

  • Full Cover Promise

    Unlike with some other insurers, our Full Cover Promise means your clients won't be left out of pocket when they claim.

  • Vitality GP

    Video consultations with a private GP, a 24/7 medical helpline, private prescriptions and more for your clients.