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Supporting business quality

Working together towards better client outcomes is good for everybody.

Updated: 31/05/2023

Everyone wins.

That includes you, us, and the industry as a whole. Better quality business ensures claims are paid, builds customer trust and helps keep pricing fair. It also improves the lives of clients – not just during a crisis but from the first moment they are covered.

Over the coming months, we will be exploring ways that you can optimise client engagement, embed best practice into your business and get the most out of Vitality – so that everyone wins.

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Agents of Change.

Our video series explores the ways that financial advisers are bringing shared value to clients and how they are also benefiting as a result.

Part One

In part one, we ask: Can financial advisers encourage their clients to make positive lifestyle choices?

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Part Two

In part two, we ask: Why is it so important to talk about the additional value that rewards and benefits can bring?

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Part Three

In part three, we ask: How can advisers bring their own experiences into conversations with clients?

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Part Four

In part four, we ask: What sort of clients can benefit most from a rewards and benefits programme?

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Part Five

In our final video, we ask some top protection advisers about how they explain the unique benefits of Vitality’s Shared Value Insurance model to their clients

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  • Speaker Series

    Our monthly Speaker Series webinar examines the most topical and thought-provoking issues affecting us today, through a lens that explores exactly what they might mean for financial advisers.

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