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April 2022 Update.

Hear from Greg Levine, Managing Director: Sales and Distribution.

With COVID-19 – and long COVID – still a huge concern for many people this winter, our health insurance can play a vital role in ensuring members are supported over the coming months. Don't forget there are a range of services automatically available to your clients through their private medical insurance plan with Vitality. As well as offering discounts on PCR or antibody tests and our COVID-19 cash benefit, we can help your clients who suffer from long COVID get back on their feet again. This includes face-to-face and virtual Vitality GP appointments, consultant, and physiotherapy self-referrals as well as mental health support. Our approach is based on the latest clinical evidence and NICE (National Institute of Health and Care Excellence) guidelines. To find out more about the support we offer visit

With the healthcare landscape shifting and patient behaviour changing, we recently launched our  self-care health tools, offering your clients a range of discounts and access to devices to help your clients manage or prevent symptoms of common conditions. Yet another example of how our member-driven approach is empowering your clients to take ownership of their health and wellbeing.  

In other news, I was delighted to be a speaker for our final Launch event of 2021, where we announced a new breakthrough for the Vitality Programme. Rewarding your clients for looking after themselves is one thing. But to make a preventative impact on their long-term health, we’ve developed a new, personalised approach that drives individual members to take the most important ‘Next Best Action’ for their health and wellbeing. Using our data and insights, combined with clinical and behavioural expertise, we’re now able to encourage members to quit smoking, become a healthier weight or get active in a way that will add healthier years to their lifespan. Adding to this, we launched our latest partner enhancements to the Vitality Programme - PureGym, Peloton and Mindful Chef. More information can be found here:

Finally, we’re incredibly proud to have won the Outstanding Individual Health Insurance award at this year’s COVER Excellence Awards. Our proposition was described as “excellent” and “innovative” by the judges, who praised our approach to health insurance which has "prevention baked into its proposition" and "rewards healthy behaviour”.  

Going forward, I wish you all the very best for the rest of the festive season and as we enter the new year. I look forward to continuing the journey together into 2022. Thank you, as ever, for your continued support.  

Greg Levine

Managing Director for Sales and Distribution