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Second Nature

Access the Second Nature app for a year at £20

Second Nature powers the Healthy Weight personalised journey within our Next Best Action initiative.

Once your client completes their online Health Review via Member Zone, they will be informed if they are eligible or not to complete this personalised journey based on the results from their online Health Review. If your client is determined as eligible, they could earn up to 2,400 Vitality points by completing the personalised journey. They will also be able to find their recommendations in their Healthy Living page on Member Zone.


Eligible clients can get the help they need to lose weight with Second Nature by getting access to the app for a year for £20.

They can join the 12-week digital course which includes personal coaching and they’ll get all the help they need to reach their target and boost their long-term health.

Once your client has completed their 12-week course, they will still be able to access the app for the rest of their annual subscription. Plus, one of the coaches will be in touch three months after your client’s course has finished to check in on their progress.

Your client will be eligible to access the Second Nature app for £20 a year, if they have:
  • A BMI of 25+ and diabetes
  • Or a BMI of 30+

How it works.

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    Your client will need to complete their online Health Review via Member Zone which will determine if they are eligible for this benefit.

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    If they are eligible, they need to sign up to Second Nature through Member Zone.

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    Your client can get started with their 12-week weight loss programme.

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    They will achieve their weight-loss goal and finish the programme.

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    Your client will still be able to use the Second Nature app for the rest of the year.

Why Second Nature?

  • Their approach is scientifically proven – 94% of people lose weight. Plus, 90% of people who have lost weight keep it off for at least a year.
  • The programme has been tried and tested by the NHS.
  • Second Nature is the only programme where your client’s don’t have to track everything that they eat.
  • There are hundreds of delicious recipes available for your clients, developed by Qualified Health Professionals.
  • Your client will get their own personal Qualified Health Professional, who will be there to support them throughout the programme.

Where to next?

  • Waitrose & Partners

    Up to 40% cashback on Good Health food when your clients get active and have a qualifying life and health insurance plan

  • Mindful Chef

    When your clients get active, they can get up to £10 off anything from Mindful Chef.

Your clients can only sign up for Second Nature once and they must be 18 + to be eligible. Further terms and conditions apply.