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1 x device per plan year

Your client could save up to 40%

Up to 40% off a range of Garmin devices

When your clients join us, they'll be able to get up to 40% off a range of Garmin devices. The discount varies depending on the device they choose. Postage and packing charges will apply.

  • Included on all VitalityHealth plans
  • Included on all VitalityLife plans
  • Included on all Vitality at Work plans.
Terms and conditions apply.

Whether your clients want to measure their activity while running, swimming, cycling or even while going about their daily routine, Garmin will have a device for them.

Take a look at all the ways your clients earn Vitality points using an activity tracker to unlock Active Rewards with ODEON and Vue and Caffè Nero.

The discount varies depending on the device your clients choose:
40% off selected devices vívofit® jr. 3, vívofit® 4, Instinct
35% off selected devices Forerunner® 55, Venu® 2, Venu® Sq 2
30% off selected devices vívomove® Sport, Edge® 130 Plus, Lily™, Forerunner® 255, Forerunner® 255 Music, Forerunner® 955/955 Solar, Approach® S12*, fēnix® 7, Epix®, Instinct™ 2, Edge® 530, Tacx®
25% off selected devices vívosmart® 5, Garmin Swim™ 2, Approach® S42, Index Scales 2, Instinct™ Crossover
20% off selected devices Rally™, Enduro, Edge® 130 Plus, vívomove® Trend, Enduro™ 2
15% off selected devices epix Pro (Gen 2), fēnix® 7S/7X/7Pro, Venu® 3, Forerunner® 265/265 Music, Forerunner® 965/965 Music, Edge® 540, Edge® 840, Edge® 1040, Edge® Explore 2, Instinct™ 2X, Approach® S70, vívoactive® 5
Your clients can choose from a variety of Garmin fitness devices to suit their sport and activity level. Garmin trackers let them count steps, calories, intensity minutes and more. They use GPS technology to track how far and how fast they go. Some have a move bar that gives your clients a vibrating reminder to move when they've been inactive for too long and keep them connected with smart notifications via email, text, call, social media, calendar alerts and more.

*Your clients can't track their steps with the Approach® S12 as it doesn't offer this function.

Move towards a healthier and more active lifestyle.

Your clients can choose from a variety of Garmin fitness devices to suit their sport and activity levels. Garmin wearables will track their steps, calories burned, sleep and more. They'll even give them an alert if they’ve been inactive for too long.

For the more advanced user, there are devices which use GPS technology to track how far and fast they go.
Garmin activity trackers

Garmin ConnectTM

Plan, save and share activities. Beat yesterday in the daily step count or epic run. Get digital insights tailored to individual stats and habits, like cues to move and healthy tips. Connect with other users to challenge and compete.

Available on desktop or compatible mobile device.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few questions you may ask

How do my clients buy a discounted Garmin device?

They can buy a discounted Garmin device via the Member Zone at

How do my clients earn Vitality points using their Garmin device?

They can earn Vitality points when they use their Garmin device to track their steps, fitness activities, heart rate or (on selected devices) calories burned. Take a look at the full list.

How do my clients link their device to Vitality?

All of the eligible Garmin fitness devices come with everything they'll need to set up a Garmin Connect account, which they can then link to Vitality via the Activity Tracking page to start earning Vitality points.

Is there a limit to the Vitality points my client can earn daily for tracking their activity?

Yes. They can earn a maximum of 8 Vitality points a day per member and a maximum of 40 Vitality points a week per member.

Important Information

Your client can receive one discounted eligible Garmin or Polar device per adult member per plan year.

Only Vitality members are eligible for a discounted device. In no circumstances can they be sold or gifted to third parties. Your clients should upload device data regularly to make sure they get their Vitality points in time to earn Active Rewards.

Garmin is included on all VitalityHealth plans.

Garmin is included on all VitalityLife plans.

Vitality at Work:
Garmin is included on all Vitality at Work plans.

Details correct as of April 2024. Terms and conditions apply.

Activity Tracking

Make every step count with an activity tracker. Your clients can get savings on a wide range of activity trackers and see the rewards add up.
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