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Vitality Healthcheck

One included each plan year on Health plans, one included in the first plan year for selected Life plans.

Helping your clients get to know their health stats.

To help your client make informed decisions about their health – and see the benefits physical activity can bring – they can have an annual health check through our partner, Bluecrest. This can either be with a face to face appointment or an online appointment.

A 30-minute Vitality Healthcheck measures their blood pressure, Body Mass Index, blood glucose and cholesterol levels. They'll also be asked to confirm their smoking status. Blood pressure will not be measured as part of the online health check and members will not be awarded Vitality points for this. Members would need to have a face to face health check in order to have blood pressure measured.

Having a Healthcheck earns up to 240 Vitality points. We’ll also give your clients another 60 points for each healthy result and 200 Vitality points for confirming they're a non-smoker. Your clients can earn these points once every plan year.

If your clients have a VitalityHealth Personal Healthcare plan then one adult on the plan can have one health check every plan year. All other adults will need to pay £15.

If your clients have a; Business Healthcare plan; VitalityHealth Corporate Healthcare plan or trust scheme administered by VitalityHealth; then only the principal member can have one health check every plan year. All other adults will need to pay £15.

If your clients have a VitalityLife plan with Vitality Plus, one adult member on the plan will be eligible for a health check through the Bluecrest Network for £0 within their first plan year. Any further health checks on the plan will be charged at £12.50 per adult.

For VitalityLife plans without Vitality Plus, each member’s health check will cost £12.50 irrespective of whether this is the first plan year or not.

If your clients have Vitality at Work, every active member can have one health check per year. Additional health checks would cost £15 each.

Your client can talk through their numbers with the Vitality GP

If your client has a VitalityHealth plan and you want to follow up the results of their health check, they can also have a consultation with a Vitality GP. They’ll let them know what their results mean and what they can do to improve them.

Save 50% or 100% on more in-depth health checks with Bluecrest

For extra peace of mind, Vitality members can also get either 50% or 100% off a range of more detailed checks with Bluecrest if they're on an eligible VitalityHealth or VitalityLife plan.

Frequently asked questions

Here are a few of the questions we’ve answered for our members

Can my client's family have a Vitality Healthcheck?

All members on your clients plan who are aged 18 or over can have a Healthcheck. 

How does my client book a Vitality Healthcheck?

They can log into and visit the Vitality Healthcheck page where they can book their appointment online.

How long will my client's appointment last?

Approximately 30 minutes.

How often should my client have a Vitality Healthcheck?

Having a Vitality Healthcheck once a year is enough for most people to ensure they’re on the right track. Your client should talk to their GP to make sure this is right for them as everyone’s health and lifestyles are different.

When will my client get their Vitality points?

After their Healthcheck, Bluecrest will send us your client's results. We’ll update the points on their Vitality points statement within four weeks. If after this time they still haven’t received their Vitality points, they can log into and send us a Vitality points query. Please note that they can earn Vitality points for having measurements taken once each plan year.

Why should my client have a Vitality Healthcheck?

They might need to keep an eye on their blood pressure, blood glucose or cholesterol levels for health reasons. Or, they might just want to get a picture of their general health.

Important information

If your clients have a VitalityHealth and a VitalityLife plan, they'll pay the lowest price applicable to their plan.

For members with Business Healthcare plans, and members with Corporate Healthcare plans, or trust schemes administered by VitalityHealth, the principal member can have one Vitality Healthcheck each plan year.

All active Vitality at Work members can have one Vitality Healthcheck per year, with additional checks costing £15.

All other adult members on the plan can have one health check each plan year for £15. 

Details correct as of November 2023. Terms and conditions apply at

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