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Unveiling the next generation of health insurance, and what it means for you.

The next generation of health insurance

As a next generation insurer, we’re focused on providing your clients with market-leading value. While also helping you create a healthier and more engaged client base.

We’re thrilled to share the changes we’re making to our health insurance in 2023:

  • Key enhancements to three existing products – cancer risk assessments, self-referral for skin analytics and easier access to digital physiotherapy support
  • Enhancements to our underwriting experience
  • Improvements to our digital care journey on Care Hub
  • And our brand-new Health Claims Insights report
  • Giving your clients the right cover

    Supporting the everyday needs of your clients with our latest product enhancements

    Cancer risk assessments for all

    Available now

    Your clients are now able to complete an online risk assessment for five of the most common cancers:

  • Breast
  • Bowel
  • Cervical
  • Prostate
  • Skin

  • The assessment will provide your client with a personalised view of their risk. We’re offering a discounted screening with Check4Cancer if they’re found to be medium to high risk.

    Self-refer for skin analytics

    Available in late 2023

    Since 2015, our members have had access to Skin Analytics following a GP referral.

    Later this year, your clients will be able to self-refer for this service through Care Hub.

    This means we can give extra support to your clients. And, help to drive earlier diagnosis and improved client outcomes.

    Easier access to physio with Ascenti Reach

    Available now

    Members will be able to get access to day-to-day physio support without talking to a GP, through the Ascenti Reach app. All members will have access to the app through Care Hub. .

    Ascenti Reach includes:

  • Personalised exercise plans
  • Progress tracking
  • And the ability to chat to a team of physios
  • Two doctors comparing notes

    Explore our 2023 Claims Insights Report

    With recent estimates suggesting that over nine million people in the UK will be living in poor health by 20401, innovation is needed more than ever.

    This year’s report highlights the most pressing trends currently impacting the PMI industry.

    We've also included recommendations on how you - and your clients - can navigate the challenging healthcare environment.

    1The Health Foundation, 2023 

    The fast, easy way to access care

    Putting your clients in control of their care

    Care Hub is a fully digital way for your clients to make a claim or manage an ongoing claim. It connects your clients to the treatment they need, in just a few clicks.

    We’re excited to share two further enhancements to this journey:

  • A better Vitality GP referral experience – Vitality GP’s can now provide immediate referral for onwards treatments. Your clients will receive a confirmation of the authorisation in minutes.
  • Accessible follow-on care – Clients can make, and manage, claims online. They can also request follow-up tests and treatments if needed.
  • Making it easier to work with us

    We're striving to create a seamless digital experience that supports how you work

    Businessman working on a laptop

    An automated approach to underwriting

    Later this year, we’ll be delivering a fully automated underwriting journey through Adviser Hub.

    We’ve already launched our Condition Checker Tool on Adviser Hub, so make sure you try it with your clients. How does the new tool work?

    1. Enter your clients’ medical conditions into the tool
    2. Find out, instantly, if the condition will be covered, excluded or referred to underwriting
    The Condition Checker Tool is available now on Adviser Hub, with all personal healthcare quotes.

    Adviser chat
    Now available

    New customised Personal Healthcare client brochure

    We've introduced a new cutting-edge feature on our quoting tool, allowing you to create a customised Personal Healthcare brochure.

    You'll be able to select which PMI benefits and Vitality Programme partners suit your client's needs and embed their personalised brochure into their quote document.

    Available now on our quote tool.

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