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ABC Renewal Pricing

A fair, intuitive and transparent pricing model. 

Vitality's ABC pricing is based on 3 simple measures: 
  • Age
  • Base Rate
  • Claims and Engagement

ABC pricing has been designed to offer VitalityHealth members fair, intuitive and transparent renewal pricing. ABC Pricing will give your clients more clarity on how their renewal premium is calculated, and allows them to control their increase – simply by taking steps to improve their health.


ABC Pricing explained

In this short video, we outline the benefits of our ABC Pricing – designed to offer VitalityHealth members fair, intuitive and transparent renewal pricing.
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How is my client's premium calculated?

The increase in a member's renewal premium will be the sum of these three items: A+B+C.

  • Age

    ABC Pricing A

    As it is more likely your clients will need to claim as they get older, their premium will rise each year to take account of this. This increase varies but is typically around 3%.

  • Base Rate Increase

    ABC Pricing B

    This is the change in the cost of providing healthcare, taking into account the charges made by hospitals and other providers, as well as advances in areas such as medical technology and drugs. This can vary according to where the client lives and their level of cover.

  • Claims and Engagement

    ABC Pricing C

    An adjustment for the claims your clients have made, and their Vitality status. This is the part of the renewal price that they can control with ABC Pricing.

Case Study: Meet Helen

Helen took out a Personal Healthcare plan with VitalityHealth. After the first 10 months, Helen's renewal premium for the following year is calculated.

Her age increase is 3% and her base rate increase is 6%. Helen has made a small claim for which Vitality pay £200 and has achieved Gold Vitality status, so there is no increase or discount applied.

In total, Helen’s premium increase is: 3% (A) + 6% (B) + 0% (C) = 9%

Claims and Engagement 

For example:

1 Adult on the plan No claims paid Less than £300 paid £300 - 1,000 paid More than £1,000 Paid
2 or more Adults on the plan No claims paid Less than £450 paid £450 - 1,500 paid More than £1,500 paid
Bronze -1% 5% 12.5% 25%
Silver -2% 2.5% 10% 20%
Gold -3% 0%  7.5% 15%
 Platinum -4% 0% 5% 12.5%
Your client can find their Claims and Engagement table on their member certificate.

ABC Pricing: Key Benefits

  • Giving your clients more control

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    Your client can mitigate any renewal increase through engaging with the Vitality Programme and improving their status. Your clients therefore have greater control over their premium, beyond simply needing to avoid claiming..

  • Increases capped for claimers

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    ABC limits claims-related increases, ‘C’, to a maximum cap each year which protects your clients from high levels of premium increases. The cap remains significantly lower than many other no-claims discount increases.

  • Simple and intuitive to calculate

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    The Age and Base rate increase are clearly communicated to your client, alongside a premium adjustment based on your client’s Claims and health engagement linked to a transparently published table.

  • Takes amount claimed into account

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    Rather than simply looking at whether or not a claim has been made, ABC takes the size of the claim into account. Small and mid-sized claims therefore have significantly less impact on premiums than a large claim.

We answer some common misconceptions

No-claim discounts can be very misleading and make it difficult to calculate renewal premiums. For example, a drop from a 65% no-claim discount to a 60% no-claim discount would cause a 14% increase in premium, not a 5% increase in premium as some clients would expect. ABC pricing helps to avoid this by showing clients upfront the exact increase they will see for claiming.

Very few members would actually ‘benefit’ from reaching the bottom of their no-claim discounts scale. In reality, to get to this point members would experience much greater premium increases and would likely suffer frequently from poor health.

Competitor price rises using no-claim discounts can far exceed those delivered by ABC methodology, especially when your clients engage with the Vitality Programme to limit the increases on their premiums.

The effect of ABC Pricing over time is a smooth, consistently competitive, progression of premiums. In contrast, disproportionately few members benefit under a no-claim discounts structure which often leaves sick members who claim being punished.

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