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For Personal and Business Healthcare plans.


Customise your client's plan with Cover Options

There's no one size fits all with health insurance, so our clients can add any of these options to our Core Cover to get the plan, and reassurance, they need:

  • Tailored Out-patient Cover options
  • Mental Health Cover  
  • Therapies Cover
  • Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover
  • Worldwide Travel Cover

All benefits are per insured member, per plan year, unless otherwise stated.

Cover Options

Personal Healthcare Business Healthcare Cover Options
Optional Optional

Out-patient Cover

All members with Out-patient Cover benefit from full cover for MRI, CT and PET scans, and physiotherapy arranged through our Priority Physio network.
We offer up to six physiotherapy sessions as part of our Core Cover through our Priority Physio network. However, adding Out-patient Cover means physiotherapy through our Priority Physio network is covered in full. Your clients can also use a physiotherapist outside of our network but can only claim up to £35 per session, which will be deducted from any selected Out-patient Cover limit.

  • Out-patient Cover – Your clients can choose from the following levels £500, £750, £1,000, £1,250 or £1,500. This limit will apply to out-patient consultations, consultant appointments and other diagnostic tests, as well as physiotherapy that isn’t arranged through our Priority Physio network.
  • Full Cover for Diagnostics – They can upgrade their Out-patient Cover so that out-patient diagnostic tests are covered in full. This means only consultations, consultant appointments and physiotherapy that isn’t arranged through our Priority Physio Network would be covered up to the Out-patient Cover limit your client has chosen.
  • Full Out-patient Cover – Full cover for out-patient consultations, consultant appointments, and diagnostic tests. Physiotherapy not arranged through our Priority Physio network is also covered up to £35 a session.
Optional Optional

Therapies Cover 

Includes chiropractic treatment, osteopathy, chiropody/podiatry, acupuncture, homeopathy and up to two consultations with a dietician after a GP or consultant referral. Full Cover.
Optional Optional

Mental Health Cover

Includes consultations and treatment with a psychiatrist or psychologist and hospital stays. All mental health claims are managed on a case-by-case basis. 
Our Mental Health Cover includes:
  • All the benefits included within Core Core, including a 12-month subscription to Headspace, on us.
  • Full cover for Talking Therapies, with no medical conditions excluded.
  • A £1,500 benefit towards other Out-patient Cover outside of our Talking Therapies network e.g. with a psychiatric consultant.
  • Plus, up to 28 days in-patient and 28 days day-patient treatment. Your client will also be covered for multiple episodes of care during the year, should they need it*.
*After 56 days without in-patient or day-patient treatment, we’ll fully restore your clients benefit limits covering them for further episodes of care during their plan year.

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Optional Optional

Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover 

Combines three benefits into a single, high-value cover options. It’s designed to help your clients meet some of their most common healthcare costs, from routine check-ups and preventative care, to dental procedures and prescription glasses. It also contributes towards other significant needs like hearing aids and restoring appearance after a dental accident. 
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Optional Optional

Worldwide Travel Cover 

• Up to £10 million emergency medical expenses abroad for trips of up to 120 days each 
• Cancellation cover up to the value of £10,000 
• Cover for other non-medical expenses including lost luggage, travel disruptions and personal accidents 
• Plus, travel vaccination and preventative medication cover which includes 12 common jabs and anti-malarial treatment 
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Not available Optional

Emergency Overseas Cover

Whether your clients are away on holiday or for business, our Emergency Overseas Cover covers up to £10 million for emergency medical treatment for trips up to 120 days. It also covers repatriation and evacuation back to the UK. 
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Not available Optional

Employee Assistance Programme

Provides support, advice and expert assistance to help your clients' employees through difficult times.
Not available Optional

Personal Health Fund (PHF)

Employees can use the PHF to pay for everyday healthcare expenses not usually covered by private medical insurance – e.g. eye tests or dental check-ups. The more effort employees make to get healthy, the more money we pay in to their PHF, up to a maximum of £225 per plan year. Employees can have maximum of £1,000 in their PHF at any time.

Choose hospitals

Your clients can take even more control of their cover by choosing where they are treated.

Our Consultant Select panel option will give your clients a choice of suitable consultants from our network, based on their location and required specialism. Or, they can choose a hospital list which gives them more choice over where their treatment takes place.

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