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Business Healthcare Online Apply

A new, fast and simple way to load your Business Healthcare plans

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Business Healthcare Online Apply is a dedicated adviser tool allowing you to complete an online application quickly for Business Healthcare clients with 1 to 249 employees.

When you complete an application using Business Healthcare Switch & Save, Quick Quote will pre-populate as much of the application as it can to save you even more time.  

The submission will be faster as the online system guides you through the application process, only including segments relevant to each individual case.  By validating the application as you progress to the submission stage, we can ensure that all business rules have been met reducing any delays in the processing stage.  


Faster and paperless

Business Healthcare Online Apply offers a fully paperless application process, including the ability for the customer to ‘e-sign’ their documentation. Online applications will be prioritised over paper applications, resulting in a faster service for your clients.

Key features

Here are some of the key features of the Online Apply tool:

  • A fully paperless application process
  • Find partners and hospitals which are local to your clients
  • Import a quotation from Vitality and make real-time changes
  • Simple and secure e -sign application process for your employers

  • Guidance through the application process by the online system

  • Validating applications as they progress ensuring all business rules are met

  • Faster service for your clients with online applications prioritised over paper applications

Complete your application in three simple steps

To make doing business with us as easy as possible, you only need to follow three simple steps to submit your client’s application.

  • number one

    Step One

    Obtain an accurate quote

  • number two

    Step Two

    Complete the application

  • number three

    Step Three

    Employer verification

Submitting your application

Just like the paper process, it is essential that you obtain a quotation that accurately reflects the plan details you wish to apply for.  This includes the:

  • Start date
  • Membership
  • All cover details

Since we convert an accepted quotation into a live plan, any inaccuracies in the quotation will result in a delay to the processing.  

For schemes with 1-9 employees you can generate a real-time quotation in Quick Quote, or import a quotation provided by the Vitality quotes team.

For schemes with 10 or more employees, you can import a quotation from the Vitality quotes team.

  1. Log into Quick Quote
  2. Select the Business tab
  3. Click ‘Apply’

If you produced a Switch & Save quote for your client, you will be able to select their employer record to pre-populate some of the application.  You can save your progress as you work through the application.  When you reach the membership section, you simply need to tell us how we are to obtain each employee’s membership details.  The options open to you will vary by underwriting type.  Once completed, you simply trigger a link for the employer to verify the application.

The employer will receive a secure link, accessed by a password you set.  They can then check the application details and either accept these or return to you for amendment. 

If accepted, they simply review and accept the plan and underwriting declarations.  The application will then be submitted to Vitality for processing.  They will be able to download a copy of the application, including all declarations accepted for their records.  The employer has seven days to verify the application and will be reminded after three and five days.  You will be informed when the employer has completed this process.

You can track the progress of applications made through Quick Quote. 

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