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Vitality Menopause Support, in partnership with Peppy.

Included in our Core Cover

Your clients can talk to a real, human menopause practitioner at the touch of a button.

For about half of us, menopause is inevitable. But often the right support is lacking, which means that many suffer in silence. To help ease this transition, we created award-winning Vitality Menopause Support 1, in partnership with Peppy. This service is dedicated to menopause care and information:

  1. Online information hub, accessed through the Member Zone, with resources on symptoms, treatment and where to go for further help.
  2. Access to leading digital health platform Peppy, to give your eligible clients access to personalised, confidential, practitioner-led menopause support.
  3. Onward referral for treatment covered by the plan.
Using the secure Peppy app, your clients can connect with real-life menopause practitioners and access physical, mental and emotional support, so they can take control of their menopause journey from wherever they are, at the touch of a button.
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What's included with Peppy?

  • Unlimited one-to-one messaging with an expert menopause practitioner
  • One-to-one 40 minute video or phone consultations with a menopause practitioner 
  • Support with symptom management, plus physical and mental wellbeing
  • Follow-up appointments with a Peppy practitioner
  • A variety of 4 to 8 week menopause programmes - including 'Overcoming brain fog' and 'Weight management'
  • Optional practitioner-moderated group chat, so your clients can connect with and support others going through the menopause
  • Weekly live broadcasts on a range of topics, including 'What are the best non-HRT options?' and 'Managing menopause symptoms'
  • Specialist menopause mental health support
  • Onward referral for specialist consultations and diagnostics under your client’s Vitality health plan, if required.

Peppy’s practitioners are highly experienced, NHS-trained nurses, trained to recognise symptoms that may require further treatment and can refer members back to Vitality for onward care through their plan.

Benefits for your clients.

  • Real-life menopause practitioners

    Woman on the phone writing in book

    Peppy connects your clients to registered nurses trained as menopause practitioners, never bots or automated responses.

  •        Personalised support               

    Two women looking at phone

    Peppy provides personalised physical, mental and emotional support through perimenopause as well as menopause. Your clients will also have access to peer support, building a sense of community with others going through menopause.

  •           On-the-go access                      

    The secure app-based service is accessible to anyone with a smartphone. Your clients can self-refer, or go through Vitality GP to access.

  • Comprehensive care pathway

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    Practitioners are fully trained on VitalityHealth plans and can provide onward referral to relevant benefits for further treatment.

Which plans include access to Menopause Support with Peppy?

Your VitalityHealth clients on Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare (except Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work Business), and Corporate Healthcare (except Vitality at Work Enterprise).

How do my clients access Menopause Support with Peppy?

Your clients can get started in just a few simple steps:

  1. Visit Vitality Menopause Support in Member Zone
  2. Self-refer in Member Zone, or make a Vitality GP appointment
  3. Download the Peppy app from App Store or Google Play
  4. Sign up and start the journey

Where to next?

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  • Vitality GP

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  • Cover Options

    Your clients can tailor their plans by adding additional Cover Options, such as Out-patient Cover, Therapies Cover and more.

  • Full Cover Promise

    Unlike with some other insurers, our Full Cover Promise means your clients won't be left out of pocket when they claim.

  1. Outstanding Collaboration of the Year - VitalityHealth and Peppy Menopause Support – 2021