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Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover.

Protect your clients' everyday health with Vitality.

Help cover the cost of dental, optical and hearing check-ups and treatment.

Looking after key aspects of our everyday health – like our sight, hearing and dental needs is essential to our overall health, but the costs can quickly stack up.

Our market-leading Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover combines three benefits into a single, high-value cover option. It’s designed to help your clients meet some of their most common healthcare costs, from routine check-ups and preventative care, to dental procedures and prescription glasses. Not only that, but it also contributes towards other significant needs like hearing aids and restoring appearance after a dental accident.


Key benefits for your clients.

  • Simple and valuable – clients get access to high-value cover which combines three benefits into a single cover option, without the need to select multiple individual benefits.
  • A unique focus on prevention - we reimburse 100% of the costs of preventative dental treatment1 and sight tests2, up to the cover limit.
  • Cover for everyday costs – for common expenses such as dental procedures and prescription eye-wear, meaning it provides highly relevant cover all clients can benefit from every year.
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What's included?

  • Dental

    Dental care icon

    Your clients get up to £100 for preventative care each plan year, including check-ups and hygienists’ fees, as well as up to £4003 for treatments like fillings, crowns and dentures. Plus, we'll cover up to £2,500 of costs resulting from a dental accident - up to two claims per plan year.

  • Hearing

    Hearing care icon

    Your clients get £3003 to cover the cost of hearing tests and to contribute to new hearing aids if they get a new prescription.

  • Optical

    Optical care icon

    We’ll give your clients up to £500 for an eye test, and a new pair of glasses or a year's supply of contact lenses, with our leading optical partner Vision Express. We’ll cover up to £3003 if you go through any other accredited optician.

How Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover works.

Optical - cover for eyesight tests, along with a new pair of glasses or a year's supply of contact lenses with every new prescription. Cover amount Vision Express: £500 per plan year
Any other recognised provider: £300 per plan year
Reimbursement Vision Express: 100%
Any other recognised provider: 80%
Dental - comprehensive cover for preventative, restorative and emergency treatment. Cover amount Routine: (e.g. check-ups and hygienist fees): £100 per plan year
Major: (e.g. fillings and crowns): £400 per plan year
Emergency: (dental accidents): £2,500 per claim, maximum two claims per plan year
Reimbursement Routine: 100%
Major: 80%
Emergency: 100%
Hearing - cover for hearing tests and a contribution to a new hearing aid. Cover amount £300 per plan year
Reimbursement 80%

Which plans include access to Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover?

Your clients can choose to add Optical, Dental and Hearing Cover when they take out a new Personal Healthcare, Business Healthcare (except Vitality Essentials and Vitality at Work Business) or Corporate Healthcare (except Vitality at Work Enterprise) plan, or when they renew.

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1. Up to a maximum £100 per person, per plan year
2. Up to a maximum of £500 per person, per plan year if you choose to use Vision Express
3. We pay 80% of the costs