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Five ways to ensure your clients get more from their plan this autumn

Published: 16/10/2023

On top of the obvious benefits of having cover in place should a claim arise, as we move into the winter months amid ongoing economic challenges, there are a range of benefits that can deliver more immediate, tangible value to clients.

Whether it’s rewards and incentives to keep active or saving money on a much-needed treats and entertainment during the darker months, there’s lot’s available through health and protection plans this autumn.

Ensuring clients understand the value of any cover itself is vital. But offering them something tangible right now helps them feel they are truly getting their money’s worth. Not only can they save on things they’d rather not give up, but such incentives can also be effective in helping to drive sustainable healthy habits1.

So, whether you’re discussing benefits at the point of sale or reminding them of what they already have in place, here are five ways you can help your clients get the most out of their plan:

1. Getting active

Most of us understand the wide-ranging health benefits of going running and working out, but actually doing so is not always easy, particularly this time of year. Often what’s needed is a nudge in the right direction. This is where incentives and rewards – e.g. discounted running shoes, fitness trackers such as the Apple Watch and gym memberships - can be powerful, especially when it comes to changing behaviour and forming healthy habits that can be sustained over time. 87% of Vitality members reach the recommended guideline of 150 minutes of exercise each week2, compared to just 61% of the UK population3.

2. Understanding their health

With access to primary care limited and wellbeing in the spotlight, clients are more likely to want to discover ways to understand their health better. About two thirds are obese or overweight4  and around five million are now living with diabetes in the UK5. However healthy choices are not easy to make. So, what’s key to unlocking positive action? Once clients become more aware of their health through a simple health check – such as high cholesterol or blood pressure levels – they are more motivated to improve it, our member data shows.

3. Eating better

With the shorter days and colder weather, it can sometimes be easy to just comfort eat. That’s why a particularly topical reward right now for clients with a qualifying health and life plan is up to 40% cashback on selected healthy food items at Waitrose & Partners when shopping online or in-store6. They also can get up to £10 off Mindful Chef every week when they get active, which will provide clients a curated selection of healthier recipes they can try. It’s works too. On average, members see significant improvements in diet over the course of their first year with Vitality7.

  • 27% reduction in consumption of fatty foods
  • 52% increase in fruit and vegetable consumption.

4. Taking a break

With one in five people suffering burnout8  and the winter months often the most challenging for our mental health, many clients will be looking to take a break and possibly catch some winter sun. The cost-of-living crisis however has made it harder for families to get away, which is concerning considering how crucial recharging our batteries is for our health and wellbeing. Helping clients save money on hotels and spa stays through the likes of Expedia, Mr & Mrs Smith and Champneys – or even just get tickets to the cinema so they can enjoy a night out – might mean they can take the time out that they need at this time.

5. Save money

Alongside the savings your clients can make if you encourage them to get active, the Vitality Programme is designed to help remove one of the main barriers many people face when it comes to making lifestyle changes – cost. This is one of the reasons why we provide a host of partners that offer discounts in a way that encourages them to get healthier. With clients likely to be questioning their outgoings, advisers are well placed to not just retain clients, but to help them save money on things they’d rather not miss out on at this time, as well as helping them stay healthy. It’s win-win for all.
Find out more about how indexation works and why it is a good idea for your clients, especially at this time.

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1 Members who participate in the Vitality Programme are on average 20% more likely to improve their health across seven key lifestyle factors (physical activity, sleep, healthy eating, alcohol intake, smoking, BMI and mental health) year on year, Vitality data 2020
2 World Health Organisation
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5 Diabetes UK, 2023
6 Cashback is available on Waitrose Good Health products online and in-store, excluding drinks, and is based on the Vitality activity points earned in the previous month. Online purchases have a minimum spend of £40 and a delivery charge will apply. A monthly spend cap will apply.
7 Comparison of Vitality engagement data and Britain's Healthiest Workplace data, 2022
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