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Five ways to support clients at the start of 2023

Published: 12/01/2023

From helping clients plan for the year ahead to saving them money and granting access to tools that can unlock better health and wellbeing over the long-term, there are a number of ways that advisers can offer support as we embrace the new year.

January is a good a time as any to engage with clients. On one hand, prospective new contacts are likely to be thinking about getting their finances in check or taking steps to improve their health. Likewise, existing clients may also be looking to plan ahead and make positive lifestyle changes for the coming year.

“2022 brought with it a whole host of challenges, including a cost-of-living crisis and immense pressure on the NHS. This is making conversations about protection and health insurance more important than ever this January”

- Greg Levine, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, Vitality

Rather than setting new year’s resolutions, which the majority of people abandon by February1, we believe that healthy habits can be sustained for the long-term with the right nudges and incentives. We do this for your clients by encouraging them to engage with a behaviour change programme linked to their insurance that’s proven to help people live longer, healthier lives, but we’re fully aware that this journey starts with your recommendation. With this in mind, here are five ways you can support your client at this time of year.

1. Be there as they set new year goals

It’s hard to know what 2023 will bring. Even still, many people will be setting goals and objectives for the new year and here advisers can help to play a supporting role.

Given the immense turbulence of the past few years, clients are likely to be more aware of their vulnerabilities – be it their health or financially. January offers the perfect opportunity to start conversations and help clients plan for the year ahead.

In addition to this, the act of goal setting can be transformative. As we saw when Vitality founder and Discovery CEO Adrian Gore set himself the challenge of running a mile in five minutes late last year. “When you put something out there in the form of a goal, something is at stake, and this triggers our motivation in a profound way,” he told Vitality Chief Editor Adam Saville in a recent interview. He also said that goal setting can serve as a powerful antidote to the challenges we face in the world today and give us a “truer sense of meaning”. What better time than January to set your clients on a similar pathway, by recommending a product that helps them live heathier lives and can meet their protection and health insurance needs.

2. Make sure they are covered

We think protecting a client’s life and health, and therefore their broader financial, physical and mental resilience, is the most valuable thing advisers can do.

Although the cost-of-living crisis will have forced many to tighten their belts, particularly during January, the financial pressures facing households and the strain on the NHS mean there is a greater need for clients to be adequately covered at this time.

In light of ongoing cost pressures on households right now, offering clients comprehensive financial protection at the most competitive price through options like Optimiser has never been more relevant while inflation has made conversations about indexation extra crucial.

The last part of 2022 saw choppy waters economically, including mortgage rate rises and the possibility of further hikes next year, as well as continuing concerns over hospital waiting lists and access to healthcare. This has made January a good time to review protection and health insurance arrangements with clients for the year ahead and to support plan engagement or see if their situation may have changed.

3. Help them cut costs

During January, many clients are likely to be watching what they are spending following what tends to be an expensive festive period. This year in particular, many will be looking for ways to save money or cut back on household costs.

Through offering rewards and benefits, advisers can also deliver real tangible value for clients from day one, alongside their core cover. These will be especially useful this time of year, helping clients save money on things like healthy food, cinema tickets and Amazon Prime subscriptions. 


Advisers can also help clients save money through rewards and partners, such as health checks, discounted gym memberships, trainers and fitness trackers.


Given that January prompts many of us to get down the gym, your clients can also get access to our gym partners with no joining fee (until end of Feb) as well as a monthly discount.

4. Support their health and wellbeing

After the indulgence of the festive period, a lot of us are thinking about our health and fitness for the year ahead and trying to get more active. Cover that provides clients with the tools and incentives to improve their physical health can be a great way of helping to kick-start more healthy and active habits.

Alongside the physical wellbeing benefits provided on protection and health insurance plans, a range of mental health support is also available to clients. Whether it’s preventative tools like Headspace or access to treatment through our Health plans, such as CBT and Talking Therapies, these can all play a key role in helping clients manage their mental wellbeing at a time when it is likely to be more needed than ever.

Making clients aware of these physical and mental health benefits and encouraging their use at the start of a new year is good for everyone. By taking steps to improve their health, the client can reduce the likelihood of them falling ill. We also know that the more they engage with the rewards and partners, the less chance there is that they will lapse their cover too 1 , which helps build longer lasting, more loyal client relationships that are more likely to lead to referrals.

5. Help them form habits (and stick to them)

Many opt to cut down or give up alcohol, eat better or reduce time spent on social media at the start of a new year to help improve their mental and physical health.

Rather than just setting good intentions, however, we know first-hand that driving sustainable behaviour change over time is effectively done by creating a positive feedback loop; achieved by offering the right incentives and rewarding members for hitting targets. This motivates clients to keep healthy habits locked in place by giving them actual value in return.

With many clients opting for
Dry January and pledging to be more healthy at this time of year, the value of self-care at this time cannot be underestimated. Whether it’s joining a gym or getting more active, trying meditation for the first time with the likes of Headspace or taking a well-earned spa break at Champneys, you can provide your clients with the tools they need to look after themselves all year round and deliver tangible value from day one. And not just during January.

We help your clients to lead a healthier life and reward them for it. The Vitality Programme is the world’s largest health promotion programme linked to insurance. It’s proven to drive improvements in behaviour and long-term health. It helps your clients to understand their health and incentivises them to take steps towards a healthier future, with a range of discounts and rewards.

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