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Mental Health Cover

An additional Mental health option

Offering your clients even more

We believe in the importance of providing a holistic solution to mental health, while also providing more comprehensive treatment when it is needed. 

In addition to the mental health benefits available as part of Core Cover, we also offer the option for your clients to add on our Mental Health Cover to their plan.

Mental Health Cover includes:
  • The costs of out-patient consultations and treatment by psychologists and psychiatrists (up to £1,500 per person per plan year worth of costs)
  • Time spent in hospital as an in-patient (covering up to 28 days’ stay in hospital)
  • Removes any limit for the number of Talking Therapies sessions members can access
Our Mental Health Cover option provides for a broad range of conditions, ranging from those associated with stress and anxiety, to depression and mania, body image, personality disorders, psychosis and schizophrenia, and dissociative disorders.

Jonny's Story

"I had everything I'd ever wanted, but I was the unhappiest I'd ever been"

Vitality Ambassador, Jonny Wilkinson, shares his own personal challenges around mental health, addressing the fine line between feeling well and feeling overwhelmed.
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What's included with Mental Health Cover?

Vitality's Mental Health Cover includes all Core Cover benefits, plus more.

  • Core Cover benefits

    All the benefits included in Core Cover, including a discount on leading mindfulness app, Headspace, Vitality points every time a member completes a mindfulness session and up to 8 sessions of Talking Therapy.

  • Hospital icon

    28 days in-patient treatment

    In the event that a severe mental health condition means that your client needs in-patient and day-patient treatment, members have the peace of mind that Vitality will cover up to 28 days’ stay in hospital.

  • People icon

    £1,500 out-patient benefit

    Vitality's Mental Health Cover provides a separate £1,500 benefit which can be used towards out-patient treatment (e.g. with a psychologist).

  • Chat user icon

    Unlimited Talking Therapies in–network

    Members who upgrade to add Mental Health Cover to their plan are fully covered for talking therapies with our network provider.

Download our mental health literature

Find out more about our approach to Mental Health

Vitality take a holistic approach to promoting better mental wellbeing which focuses on giving your clients tools and incentives to help the prevention of every day mental health issues. Our overview explains the level of mental health cover available to our members. 
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