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Five ways you can support your client this winter

Published: 01/11/2022

Whether it’s making sure they are properly covered or delivering tangible value during the cost-of-living crisis, there are a number of ways you can support your clients this winter.

Protection and health insurance plans have evolved to offer far more than just cover for when something bad happens. Some are even there to be used every single day.

Not only does this help avoid cancellations – at a time when cover is more needed (not less) – it also helps ensure clients can continue to enjoy things that they would rather not cut back on.

“Giving clients something that they actually value - not just at a time of crisis - is more important than ever, especially as the UK this winter faces the worst of cost-of-living crisis since the 1950s”

- Greg Levine, Managing Director, Sales and Distribution, Vitality

Here are five ways you can use your recommendations to support clients during the winter months, at a time when looking after their health and wellbeing is only going to become more vital.

1. Ensure they are protected

Putting in place the most comprehensive protection cover possible at the most competitive price (through Optimiser) or ensuring they can get fast access to care at a time when the NHS is under immense pressure is more important than ever. Even if they are looking to reduce their monthly outgoings, ensuring they and their families are protected against a sudden loss of income through serious illness or death is a way to make sure they are more financial resilient – not less. A similar rationale applies to indexation.

2. Save them money

Encouraging clients to take out cover at this time is likely to get more challenging throughout the winter months, as budgets no doubt get squeezed. That’s why we believe that offering them lower premiums (in exchange for positive lifestyle choices) as well as incentives that help them save money on things they’d rather not give up, like gym memberships, hotel bookings or spa stays and monthly subscriptions such as Amazon Prime, gives them another reason to take it out – and keep it in place.

3. Help them get active

Whether they are employees, business owners or individuals, clients becoming more active thanks to the incentives on their plan brings a number of benefits to themselves and those around them. Not only do they get more value from rewards and partners, but they are also more productive, feel better, and get healthier as a result. Whether it’s getting to the gym or enjoying a parkrun with others, this is going to be more welcomed than ever this winter, considering the physical and mental health benefits of moving more. Especially as it also helps prevent clients from getting ill and ongoing engagement brings down the chance of them lapsing too1.

4. Encourage healthy eating

Telling clients that they should eat more fruit and veg is one thing. But what we’ve seen is that people need a proper nudge. In fact, those who engage with the Vitality Programme are 39% more likely to improve their diet compared to the general population2. And there’s no better way to do this during a cost-of-living crisis than allowing them to save money on healthy food if they get active. It’s a win-win for all involved. The UK is one of the most obese countries in Europe, so anything that can get people eating better and more active has to be a good thing. It works too.

5. Mental health support

It’s true that money can’t buy happiness, but it can certainly make us unhappy. As well the peace of mind provided by a protection or health insurance plan and the wellbeing benefits gained from the many incentives on offer, it’s crucial that your clients can get access to the right mental health support should they need it, especially now. This might be preventative - through a subscription to mindfulness and meditation tools like Headspace on us - or access to CBT and Talking Therapies for those on one of our Health plans regardless of medical history. As the winter nights get darker and colder, the case will only get stronger.

Find out more about Vitality’s unique approach to financial protection alongside a host of wellbeing benefits and how you can deliver tangible value to clients from day one.

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1 Clients who reach Platinum status – the highest level of engagement – are two thirds less likely to let their lapse their plan, Vitality Claims & Benefits Report 2022
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