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Business Loan Protection

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What is Business Loan Protection?

If a business owner dies or is suffering a severe illness, lenders may have the right to demand that any outstanding loans are paid back. These could be difficult to pay off at short notice. Loan Protection provides a lump sum to cover business loans. If a business owner lends money to their own business, creating a Director’s or Partner’s loan account, this may also need to be repaid on death.

Some business loans may also have personal guarantees, if the business fails due to the death or illness of an owner or key employee and the business doesn't have the funds to repay the loan, the guarantee could be used by the bank and put personal assets, including the owner’s home, at risk.

Lenders may have the right to demand that the business pays back any outstanding loans and this could be difficult to pay off at short notice.

Video: Good businesses will have a succession planning strategy in place

A good business is a healthy business. Providing the platform for a healthy workplace is key to a successful workforce. Equally, providing certainty and stability in the face of unpredictable events gives them peace of mind.

Why should you speak to your clients about Business Loan Protection?

The benefits for your clients

  • Peace of mind that if the worst were to happen, the business wouldn’t have to worry about financial difficulties due to loan repayments
  • Protection against repayment terms as a result of personal guarantees in the event of the death or incapacitation of an owner  
  • Guaranteed Insurability option where cover can be increased in line with an increasing loan.

Not just good for your clients

The benefits for you

As an adviser, our Business Loan Protection is not only good for your clients but it is also good for you for a range of reasons:

  • You can offer your clients more than just standard cover for owners  
  • There is an opportunity to sell further business solutions; key person cover, relevant life policy, and VitalityHealth SME schemes.

Where to next?

Our business solutions can help give your clients reassurance.

  • Key Person Cover

    Gives your clients a payment to help protect their profits if an employee dies or suffers a serious illness.

  • Core Cover

    Our core cover products form the basis of our innovative business protection solutions.

  • Shareholder and Partnership Protection

    Gives your clients a lump sum so they can keep control of the business if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a serious illness.

  • Relevant Life Cover

    Cost-effective alternative to Life Cover. A tax-efficient way for your client to give their best people the best benefits.

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