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Shareholder and Partnership Protection

Good Health, Good Business

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What is Shareholder and Partnership Protection?

Shareholder and Partnership Protection provides a business with a cash lump sum if a business owner dies or suffers a severe illness. This lump sum provides the capital to enable the surviving business owners to purchase the deceased’s or incapacitated individual’s share of the business – allowing them to keep control of their business.

The Vitality Difference

At VitalityLife, we understand how strong the link is between employee health and bottom-line results.

Therefore our Shareholder and Partnership Protection not only provides cover but also gives the owners or partners covered access to discounts and rewards on the things that can keep them healthy and performing at their best.

Why should you speak to your clients about Shareholder and Partnership protection?

The benefits for your clients

  • Gives the owners or partners covered access to discounts and rewards on things that keep them healthy and performing at their best  
  • Provides a lump sum payable to the business in the event of death or incapacity of other shareholders, providing certainty that they’ll be able to retain control of the business
  • Places the necessary money in the hands of the right people, at the right time.
Download our Shareholder and Partnership protection sales aid

Not just good for your clients

The benefits for you

As an adviser, our Shareholder and Partnership Cover is not only good for your clients but it is also good for you for a range of reasons:

  • You can offer your clients more than just standard cover for owners  
  • A great package to sell to your clients to keep the most important people in the business healthy
  • There is an opportunity to sell further business solutions; key person cover, relevant life policy, and VitalityHealth SME schemes.
Download our Shareholder and Partnership protection sales aid

Where to next?

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    Good health is good business. We aim to give your clients cover that's relevant to their business needs and pays out when they need it most.

  • Key Person Cover

    Keeps things smoothly ticking over should your clients lose key business personnel.

  • Loan Protection

    Gives your clients a payment to repay business loans if a shareholder or a business partner dies or suffers a serious illness.

  • Relevant Life Cover

    The cost-effective alternative to Life Cover. A tax-efficient way for your client to give their best people the best benefits.

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