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Stop smoking with 12 months access to Pelago, formerly known as Quit Genius. 

Pelago powers the Quit Smoking personalised journey within our Next Best Action initiative.

Once your client completes their online Health Review via Member Zone, they will be informed if they are eligible or not to complete this personalised journey based on the results from their online Health Review. If your client is determined as eligible, they could earn up to 2,400 Vitality points by completing the personalised journey. They will also be able to find their recommendations in their Healthy Living page on Member Zone. 

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Your clients can stop smoking for good with help from the Pelago app for 12 months access at no cost

Pelago’s expert help and coaching will support your clients to boost their health and kick the habit at the same time. They can access Pelago’s excellent 12-week digital course to help them stop smoking. Plus, the Quit Coaches will be on-hand to help your clients every step of the way.

The support doesn’t stop at the end of your client’s 12-week digital course and Pelago will be in touch three months later to check-in on their progress.

Your clients can only do the 12-week digital course once, but they’ll be able to continue to use the Pelago app for the rest of the year. Once their access has ended after a year, they’ll be able to sign up at the normal price to extend their subscription. Further terms and conditions apply.

How it works.

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    Your client will need to complete their online Health Review via Member Zone which will determine if they are eligible for this benefit.

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    If they are eligible, they need to sign up to Pelago through Member Zone.

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    Your client can get started with their 12-week digital course.

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    They can finish their course and quit smoking for good. Your client will still be able to use the Pelago app for the rest of the year.

Why Pelago?

  • Pelago have a dedicated care team. This means your client will get unlimited support from a dedicated Quit Coach, who specialises in substance addictions.
  • The programme is tailored for each member and their unique journey.
  • Members get access to a digital Cognitive Behavioural Therapy (CBT) programme, which enables your client to receive additional support.
  • The programme is available on all iOS and Android devices, which allows members to complete the programme whenever, and wherever they please.
  • Pelago offers a programme which delivers a combination of behavioural therapy treatments with optional approved medication to support with medication management.

Where to next?

  • Second Nature

    12 months access to Second Nature for £20, to help your clients get healthier.

  • Allen Carr's Easyway

    Stop smoking programme.

  • Mindful Chef

    When your clients get active, they can get up to £10 off anything from Mindful Chef.

Your clients can only sign up for Pelago once and they must be 18 + to be eligible. Further terms and conditions apply.